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The apple tree originates from Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia, where it is spread all over the world. Today more than 7000 species are known on the market. Apple According to the latest research, the apple is an extremely healthy product that contains nutritious ingredients, fiber, flavonoids, vitamins and fructose. A medium-sized apple provides 3 grams of fiber, which is more than 10% of the recommended daily dose. Even without peels, the mid-size apple contains 2.7 grams of fiber. Everyday consumption of apple helps to reduce the increased level of cholesterol in the blood and detoxify the body, protects against malignancy and stimulates digestion.



They originally come from New Zealand, and they got the name after the bird with the same name that lives in those areas. Today, kiwi are grown in the Mediterranean, South Africa and Russia. This fruit is a real treasure trove of vitamin C. Only one fruit contains 120% of the recommended daily intake of this important vitamin. They have low energy value, so it is assumed to be an ideal dietary product. At the same time they eat a high percentage of nutrients and potassium. It is recommended for everyone, especially those with weakened immunity and high blood pressure, to consume kiwi.



It is assumed that they originate from Persia, and since ancient times they are planted throughout the world. They have a lot of fat in their composition and therefore they are a kind of energy bomb. Nuts Of course, it should be noted that the fats contained in the walnut are mainly polyunsaturated; therefore, it is a matter of fat that is desirable in man’s diet nowadays. Namely, during the past centuries, the so-called western trend of nutrition ignored the consumption of these valuable fats. This turn of the diet is thought to be caused by the increased frequency of cardiovascular disease. However, when consuming nuts, make sure that your overall energy amount is not significantly high and at the same time limit the intake of saturated fats.


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